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MDS Motor provide engineering services to various industry areas, delivering electric motor designs with experienced engineering R&D team. We have provided motor design and engineering services in various systems such as hybrid and electric vehicles, pumps, wind generation, lifts, industrial robotics etc.

Traction Applications


MDS Motor has worked with a wide range of customers in automotive industries and provided engineering services of 3-phase, 6-phase, 9-phase traction motor and generator designs for both on-highway and off-highway applications.

Defense Industry Applications


MDS Motor also provided motor design services to defense industries where precise low speed control and size/weight reduction are required.

Appliance Applications


Low cost motors are the main requirements for appliance industry. MDS has provided motor design services for some appliance companies with low size, low cost, high torque density permanent magnet motors.

Industrial Applications


MDS has provided engineering services for complex industrial applications where speed, size, efficiency are the vital requirements. Some of these applications are compressors, pumps, elevators, framed and frameless servos and robotics.

Renewable Energy Applications


MDS Motor Ltd. had generator design projects for both low voltage and high voltage renewable energy and Generator sets where machine size, weight, reliability and efficiency are fundamental requirements.



MDS Motor has an excellent record of University collaboration in motor design, manufacturing and software sales/support.