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TRM Series Frameless Torque-Motors

MDS torque motor series are engineered to deliver the high-performance, high efficiency direct drive torque motors that today’s applications demand. There exist 3 main torque motor series offered: Frameless and framed torque motor with and without liquid cooling. Optional digital Hall effect sensors are prealigned and installed with added axial rotor length to achieve accurate control. Choice of insulation allows operation from 24V up to 560V peak line input voltage. Detailed motor datasheets and variety of motor options and configurations provide the best selection for your needs.

For customized motor selections or new custom motor specifications, contact MDS Motor to help us understand exactly what you need and how we can further optimize any MDS torque motor series. MDS Motor is expert in providing optimized custom solutions for your applications with utilizing different materials, special winding structures, tailored mounting features, height and diameter adjustments and etc.

TRM series frameless torque motor product family includes two different sub series according to DC bus voltage levels. Low voltage (24/48V) motors are named as TML series torque motor. High voltage (310/560V) motors are named as TMH series torque motor.

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Perfect Frameless Torque Motor Performance

  • Perfect electromagnetic designs delivered to provide maximum torque density
  • Maximum torque-per-weight ratios
  • Small volume and active weight
  • Extremely small cogging torque (usually less than 0.2% of rated torque)
  • Extremely small torque ripple to have smooth rotation (usually less than 0.4%)
  • Extremely low back-EMF total harmonic distortion (THD) (usually less than 0.3%)
  • Wide operating speed range with AC winding options and rapid acceleration
  • Lowest possible rotor inertia (can be increased if requested)

  • Quality Manufacturing Guarantees Reliability

  • Rotor covered with non-magnetic sleeve for high-speed models
  • 130°C maximum winding temperature rating with integrated thermistor to allow safe operation
  • Manufactured with UL recommended insulation systems
  • RoHS compliant magnet and magnetic core material selection

  • Variety of Dimensions and Stacks with Configurable Features

  • 13 frame sizes with multiple stack lengths
  • Standard high and low voltage insulation
  • Hall effect sensor options
  • Multiple AC windings with custom windings options
  • Easily accommodated interface with keyway in the rotor

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